Automated Gates – Sliding and Swing Gates

automated-gatesRather than your front door acting as the first line of defence, a Gate allows the perimeter of your property to act at the first barrier against intruders.

Gates keep the driveway and cars parked in it safer and much less likely to suffer vandalism or theft.

Electric gates take this further and increase the security of your home.

Safe and Secure
When closed, automated gates act as a barrier, helping to prevent intruders. With the option to fit an intercom at the gate, you can communicate with visitors at the gate rather than the front door.

Electric gates are often fitted for the convenience rather than having to open and close manual gates, with the push of a button the gate is opened.

Apart from keeping unwanted visitors out, automated gates keep you safe in the knowledge that your children are kept safe behind the closed gates and away from busy roads and traffic.

Service and Repair
We service and repair all makes and models of automated gates, regardless of who or where they came from, or the type of system installed, we can repair and service it.

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